Jon Barker
Writer & Composer
Arranger & Musical Director

Jon Barker

Thank You For Being My Dad

Having topped the charts in over 50 countries and nearly 6,000,000 hits on YouTube, Thank You For Being My Dad is a much loved and deeply personal song for millions of fans around the world.

Hear the true and touching story behind the music.

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Jon Barker

Meet Jon Barker, writer, musical director, composer and the man behind the smash hit single Thank You For Being My Dad.

Find out about current projects, new albums and just what Jon gets up to when he’s not cheering his equally talented children, or occasionally talented (but beloved) Arsenal.

Jon Barker - Composing & Production
Jon Barker

Composing & Production

From hit singles to the Broadway production of Jon’s debut musical The Elephant Man, Stephen F. McKernan and soon to be made into a movie in the US, Jon has written production shows, commercials and worked with numerous big names over the years.


Carnival UK

Micha Bergese Productions


Oceania Cruises

Orient Lines

Warner Hotels


Marela Cruises

Brand New Album - Farewell To You Old Friend
Jon Barker

Brand New Album

Hear and download Jon’s brand new album Farewell To You Old Friend. Available to buy on iTunes. 11 new tracks with stories of love, loss, laughter and what happens when the music stops.

Featuring special guest artists.

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